Responsible Fisheries

A decision has been taken to identify Icelandic seafood products, produced from catches in Icelandic waters, with the logo shown here. This logo indicates product origin in Iceland from responsible fisheries. The logo can be used in all markets for seafood products. It can also be used to identify catch of Icelandic vessels from straddling stocks which are under integrated management. In recent years, demand for sustainable use of renewable resources, including fish stocks, has increased greatly throughout the world, not least in leading markets for Icelandic seafood.

Few nations are as dependent upon sustainable fisheries as Iceland is, making it of prime importance to harvest fish stocks responsibly and sustainably. In August 2007, Iceland issued a Statement on Responsible Fisheries in Iceland. The statement was signed by the Minister of Fisheries, the Director of the Marine Research Institute, the Director of Fisheries and the Chairman of the Fisheries Association of Iceland. The Statement is available on the website www.fisheries.is, where information is also provided on the state of Iceland's fishing stocks and its fisheries management.

Certifying responsible fisheries

Fisheries stakeholders have also decided, with the support of the government, to request third party certification by an independent, internationally recognised, accredited certification body to confirm that Iceland pursues responsible fisheries. The certification body will assess fishery conformance to a specification based on the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) Guidelines for the Ecolabelling of Fish and Fishery Products from Marine Capture Fisheries. Responsibility for the project rests with the Fisheries Association of Iceland.

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